Unparalleled High-Speed Decision-Making
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Synthesis Bank Introduce Aragon Optimistic Governance to STB token

Synthesis Bank is a decentralized organization , that enabling STB holders to vote and take part in the network governance.

STB tokens holders Submit proposals and vote on them using a decentralized end-to-end verifiable layer 2.

Unparalleled High-speed Decision-making with optimistic governance, all proposals are passed by default unless challenged and resolved on Aragon Court.

Aragon Voice

A New Gasless and Universally Verifiable Voting Solution.

The ultimate solution for creating and managing proposals and voting in a decentralized, cost-effective, and secure manner.

High-end security to the entire voting process. Open source, and end-to-end verifiability on the Ethereum main network.

Aragon Voice is a key component of the voting infrastructure for Web 3.0. Boost the community engagement and trust by providing premium ballots or permissionless signaling.


Poll Token Holders for Input (Free & Secure Voting).

Increase the engagement from the community with free voting and take a step further towards getting the opinion of about future development.


Personalized Feed of Active Proposals Based on Token Holdings. 


Flexible Voting Types Including Encrypted Results

Create proposals as simple as “Yes & No” questions. 


Decentralized Dispute Resolution Protocol.

A plug-in arbitration platform.

Dispute Resolution for Web3, Aragon Court is a plug-in Web3 arbitration platform, accessible by API to decentralized application (dApp).


A decentralized dispute resolution protocol that can handle subjective disputes that cannot be resolved by smart contracts alone.


A growing borderless network of incentivized guardians drafted for each dispute, ready to intervene and arbitrate on a ruling.